Must Have Baking Accessories for Low Cal Treats

Must Have Baking Accessories for Low Cal Treats

Too often aspiring chefs think about fattening treats and desserts that are dangerous to any diabetic or individual trying to lead a healthy lifestyle especially when considering the tantalizing snacks they can learn to make. With obesity becoming more of an epidemic, it turns our attention to preparing healthy and delicious baked goods and meals. Not every novice chef or kitchen hobbyist may feel as though they have the necessary tools to get the job done. Before making a trip to the expensive culinary store in your local mall, figure out which baking accessories are needed for low calorie treats that you enjoy making. This can help you make a better decision with your hard-earned money.

Savory Soups

Soup is a favorite treat for those looking to eat healthier and those trying to lose weight. This is because of its rich flavors and inexpensive cost. While the calories and fat content on the usual can of soup may cause it to seem like a dieterâs dream, the sodium content can often leave a great deal to be desired. Homemade soup is really the way to go for maximum nutrition, but it can be a chore to separate the fat and grease from the stock whether it is chicken or beef. The easiest way to complete this task is the find a grease separator that allows you to pour the liquid in one end and release the tasty stock from the other end without any drips or spills.

Delicious Desserts

Ice cream sandwiches have long been a favorite treat when the weather gets hot outside. Unfortunately, these summertime favorites are famous for their empty calories. Rather than packing on the pounds just enjoy this treat, buy your own ice cream sandwich maker so you can control the calorie content without sacrificing the flavor. Fill it up with your favorite frozen yogurt and fat free cookies for a special treat to beat the heat.

Smoothies are another excellent frozen snack that is perfect for either dessert, snack time or a nutritious breakfast, even if they do mean dragging out that heavy blender with all of its many parts that need to be washed after each use. A better alternative is to use a small blender made especially for smoothies. Add a little bit of ice, fresh or frozen fruit and your favorite brand of yogurt for a drink that is as nutritious as it is delicious. This also allows you to make a delicious smoothie without having to wash every part of the blender.

An often overlooked dessert option is freshly sliced fruit. Fresh pineapple, in particular, is a tropical favorite that would probably be eaten more often if it were not so difficult to manage. This is where a simple pineapple cutter comes into play. Much like the apple slicers made so popular by caramel apple enthusiasts, this handy kitchen gadget can core the entire pineapple and produce perfect rings without damaging the pineapple shell. Now you can serve beautiful pineapple rings alone or as a garnish to your favorite desserts while using the outer shell as a centerpiece.

Simmering Sides

Slow cookers have long been favorites of those home chefs looking to produce hearty meals without breaking the family budget because they can make even the most inexpensive cuts of meat tender as filet mignon after a day of simmering. The less known use of these time saving kitchen electronics is that they can be used to cook root vegetables to tender perfection without the need for butter or fat. That same delicious stock saved from a previous meal can be loaded into your slow cooker with potatoes, carrots, and onions to make for a healthful and tasty side to any main course.

For vegetable options that do not require a full day of simmering and cooking, a vegetable griller is the perfect alternative. Whether the vegetables are chopped to perfection or whole peppers, this accessory should be a favorite of every barbeque master. Gone are those days of losing half the vegetables when they slip off the rack or having to spend hours soaking and scraping their remnants off the grill. Now, you can look forward to tender vegetables cooked to perfection without the use of fat or butter for seasoning. What more could any aspiring chef or grill connoisseur ask for when it comes to all those must have baking accessories for low cal treats?

There are many great tools available for cooking a healthy meal, but it mostly depends on what you enjoy making. A few great examples are soups, smoothies, ice cream, and slow cooked meals. Each of these foods has their own recommended tools to ensure the food is cooked properly.

Sandy Darson is a freelance writer who writes about home accessories, often focusing on specific items such as a peanut butter maker.