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Sozo Life Coffee Berry offers coffee designed to benefit the health of users, doing so by choosing coffee beans high in antioxidants. Experts measure the antioxidant capacity of coffee beans using an Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity score.

The score takes into account the region where the bean was harvested, the harvest timing and the coffee bean quality. To increase the antioxidant capacity of its products, Sozo Life Coffee Berry adds an extract, known as CoffeeBerry, to all products, an extract which provides additional phenolic acid and polyphenols.

To receive the same amount of antioxidants found in one gram of CoffeeBerry, a person needs to consume 625 grams, or one cup of blueberries.

SoZo is led by CEO Mark Adams who is the 2008 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award recipient. He has been part of outstanding success by managing $200 million global manufacturing & distribution businesses for Fortune 100 Companies. Mark is an experienced entrepreneur with six successful prior business start-ups, all of which remain in business today.

Prior to running SoZo Mark Adams was the founder and the CEO of Advocate MD, the largest medical liability insurance company in Texas. He was offered a buyout for hundreds of millions of dollars, but turned it down because he made a commitment to his employee that they will not be terminated in the transition.

This is the type of individual You can trust to run the corporate side of the business.

SoZo Life sells a range of nutritional beverages with coffee berry. SoZo life had bought the exclusive rights to use coffee berry in its products. Coffee berry is the highest rated antioxidant fruit on the planet, but until now had been treated as discard on the farm because of the perishable nature of the fruit. Coffee berry has ORAC value 600 times that of blue berries. Fruits with high ORAC antioxidant values have healthful qualities and rid the body of toxins.

More on coffee berry CLICK HERE

SoZo Life and its manufacturing partner have developed a way to preserve the nutritional qualities of this delicate fruit and infuse it in its product line. For example, A double-blind study conducted recently shows SoZo’s functional beverage reduces inflammatory markers by 40%

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