Lose Weight Faster With Omega Fats

Lose Weight Faster With Omega Fats

Lose Weight Faster With Omega Fats

If you’re looking to set yourself up for the highest rate of fat loss possible with your diet and workout program, one thing that you need to make sure of is that you are getting in sufficient omega fats on a daily basis.

So many people are unfortunately neglecting these on their program plan and it’s really coming back to haunt them in terms of results. Getting sufficient omega fats is going to help to boost insulin sensitivity, which means when you do eat carbohydrate rich foods, you’re less likely to convert it to body fat stores.

Let’s go over some key ways to start adding more omega fats to your diet plan.

Serve Up Canned Salmon Burgers For A Tasty Dinner

If you’re a big fan of canned tuna, consider making the switch over to canned salmon instead. Canned salmon is still an excellent source of protein but in addition to that, also contains the omega fats that you’re looking for.

Furthermore, if you serve it with the bones left in, you’ll also get a good dose of calcium as well.

Use Walnuts Rather Than Almonds On Your Salad

The next thing that you should be considering doing is adding walnuts rather than almonds on your salads. Many people toss on slivered almonds and while these definitely are a great source of healthy fats, they are not going to contain the omega fats you’re after.

Walnuts work much better and will liven up any bland salad instantly.

Blend In Some Flaxseeds With Your Protein Smoothie

Flaxseeds are one of the best superfoods that you should be consuming in your diet plan as not only will they provide some omega fats, but they’re also a good source of dietary fiber and protein as well.

To get these into your day, consider blending them into your protein smoothie. You’ll hardly notice them in their but they will really boost your overall nutritional status.

Alternatively, you could also consider adding them to any baked recipes you’re preparing as well.

Go For Grass Fed Beef Rather Than Grain Fed

Finally, the last way to start getting in more omega fats with your diet plan is to choose grass fed beef over grain fed.

While it may be a slightly pricier version of meat, it’s going to offer a wealth of nutrition that grain fed beef doesn’t.

In addition to being higher in omega fats, it’s also going to contain CLA, which can help to boost the natural fat burning taking place in your body as well, while also providing you with a great dose of iron and B vitamins.

Best of all, it tends to be leaner so you’ll take in less saturated fat as well.

So there you have some fast and easy ways to get more omega fats into your daily diet. Remember that if you still are not meeting your requirements, you should consider using a fish oil supplement instead. These can also help you meet your needs when you otherwise wouldn’t.